Breaking the Veil of Silence

in Every Nation – Counseling Seminar 

Many of us live with the traumatic experiences and burdens of our ancestors without being aware of the effects they have on our own lives.
In the Breaking the Veil of Silence Seminar, participants get to the core of the reasons for that and experience personal restoration and personal revival.

In addition to in-depth inputs with biblical teaching and scientific insights from psychology, historical and cultural research, there is the opportunity to participate in counseling groups and receive personal prayer.

Jobst Bittner and his team have adapted the teaching of Breaking the Veil of Silence Seminar to a non-German background. Each nation has its own history and yet the keys to breaking the Veil of Silence are valid for every national background.
The seminar takes place live as a ZOOM meeting and therefore cannot be accessed at a later date.

Next event

 Counseling Seminar:
Breaking the Veil of Silence in Every Nation (online)

January 26-27, 2024

March 08-09, 2024

Topics of the Basic Seminar A on January 26-27, 2024:

  • God’s perspective on nations
  • What is the veil of silence?
  • What impact does my nation’s history have on my life?
  • Steps to break the veil of silence
  • Characteristics of inherited trauma
  • Becoming free from the mentality of a victim and bitterness
  • Discussion and workshop groups

Topics of the in-depth seminar B (in excerpts) on March 08-09, 2024

  • Ideologies of communism, socialism and its consequences
  • Reconciliation between nations
  • Christian Antisemitism and Hatred of Jews
  • Other in-depth topics
  • Discussion and counseling groups