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Breaking the Veil of Silence

The Veil of Silence is passed down from generation to generation, preventing reconciliation, healing and restoration – in us personally, in families, in churches and congregations, and in cities and nations.

Most families in Germany live under a Veil of Silence without realizing it. They are the children and grandchildren of the war generation and still carry the guilt, traumatic experiences, as well as the experience of flight and expulsion of this generation with them today. Their common characteristic is silence. Many have to go through endless wastelands without any apparent changes.


Do we still have the wartime generation’s silence about the Holocaust in our system? As much as many Christians in Germany would like the chapter of National Socialism to finally be closed and not be brought into focus again and again, unfortunately, it does not correspond to reality.


Are we, without realizing, already part of the “silent majority” again and have no way to oppose the spirit of this time? Is there a way to achieve spiritual breakthroughs and profound changes in our cities and in our nation?


Based on his own biographical experiences in Tübingen – a university town that was one of the ideological centers at the time of National Socialism, from which executors and mass murderers emerged – Jobst Bittner illuminates from a biblical-theological, church-historical and psychological perspective what constitutes the Veil of Silence and how we can break it.

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Praise for the Book

The book “Breaking the Veil of Silence” has been published in 11 languages so far.

Raise Your Voice and be a Light

Jobst Bittner

It is not enough to say “Never Again” to the Holocaust, if we want to prevent Jew hatred from turning violent and antisemitic defamation from spreading. Once again we have the choice to become passive accessories and incur guilt through our silence just like our forefathers.

If you break your silence, you raise your voice and become light! This book continues the thoughts of the book “Breaking the Veil of Silence”. It will touch you personally, inspire, and help you to make a difference with very practical steps.

Jobst Bittner Decke des Schweigens

About the Author

Jobst Bittner, together with his wife Charlotte, is the founder and leader of TOSa free church of evangelical-charismatic character and an international relief organization. His passion is to win people for God and to lead them into their calling. Since the founding of TOS in 1990 in Tübingen, twelve congregations, five prayer ministries, a rehabilitation center for drug addicts and four houses for street children have been established in various nations worldwide.

Jobst and Charlotte Bittner are also founders and initiators of the March of Life movement. His foundational book, Breaking the Veil of Silence, became a bestseller and has been published in 10 languages. The March of Life Movement has spread to over 20 nations and more than 400 cities. Tens of thousands have been moved to raise their voices for remembrance and reconciliation, for Israel and against modern antisemitism. Jobst and Charlotte Bittner have two grown sons.