Get to know our Speakers

decke des schweigens unsere_referenten

Jobst Bittner

Is a theologian M.A. and the author of the book “Breaking the Veil of Silence”. Together with his wife Charlotte, he has established the Evangelical Free Church TOS Ministries. They are the founders of the March of Life Movement.

“In my many years of pastoral practice I discovered something that was to revolutionize my thinking: Most people live under a veil of silence without realizing it. They carry the burdens of their ancestors, who have passed on their repressed memories, concealed guilt, or even the traumas they suffered, to their children. Once this silence is broken, it unleashes profound change.”

Claudia_Kötzer_Decke des Schweigens

Claudia Kötzer

Claudia Kötzer is a social worker and part of the pastoral team of the TOS congregation in Tübingen. Claudia is responsible for pastoral care and pastoral care training as well as for the healing room of the TOS congregation.

“The message of the Breaking the Veil of Silence has changed my own life more than any other topic ever before. Very many destructive influences in my life have come to an end with the coming to terms and repentance. I have experienced liberation and immeasurable blessings, even to the point of a new family site/branch in Holland that I knew nothing about before.”

decke des schweigens unsere_referenten

Michaela Buckel

Michaela is a cultural anthropologist with a focus on an active culture of remembrance and has been working full-time at March of Life since 2016.

“For me, the Veil of Silence Seminar is the key to personal and national transformation and the most effective response to growing antisemitism in our country! Before I faced the Veil of Silence in my own family, I was ashamed of being German, struggled with my self-worth, and suffered from nightmares. Today, I love Germany and can speak up for my values.”